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The first step in addiction treatment and recovery is detox. While many people recognize the importance of detoxification, they do not realize that medical detox centers in Orlando are their best option at success. Medical detox is structured and supervised to provide recovering addicts with the guidance and support they need during the beginning of the recovery process. Compassionate and knowledgeable staff will help the addict in medical detox to get through the process as painlessly and successfully as possible. When you are ready to give medical detox a try, Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando can give you information on qualified facilities that can help. Call (407) 358-6225 now.

What Is Detox?

Detox is a necessary process in overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction. It is also the first treatment a person will go through in that process. During this process, a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol stops using the substance and allows the remnants of it to be eliminated by their body. It also involves dealing with the inevitable withdrawals that the addict will experience as their body struggles to regroup when being denied the addicted substance.

How Does Detox Work?

The process works by breaking a person's physical addiction. When a person becomes physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, they develop a chemical dependence. What this means is that the person's internal chemistry, particularly in the brain, has adjusted to assume that the norm of operations includes signals being sent by the drug or alcohol. This is because when a drug enters the body, it will send signals to the brain to perform certain actions. The more a person abuses a drug, the more the body will become used to the substance being there to tell it how to act and react. At a certain point, the body no longer knows how to function without the substance.

By denying the body any replenishment of the addicted substance, detox works to force the body to get accustomed to the new norm. In other words, it forces the brain to recall how to perform all of the necessary actions on its own without the chemical influence of the addicted substance.

Why Is It Important To Detox Slowly Rather Than Abruptly?

The process works best when done slowly or gradually rather than abruptly. To go through a gradual detoxification process, recovering addicts should go through that process in one of the facilities that provide medical detox. Medical detox centers in Orlando will often administer prescription medications at certain times during detoxification to mimic the effects of the addicted substance in a reduced and controlled way. This way the body adjusts incrementally.

This gradual process can ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawals and can also prevent a person from sending their body into shock. In other words, it makes detoxification less uncomfortable and can help to prevent medically dangerous and complicated situations.

Why Is It Dangerous To Detox At Home?

Detoxification at home is dangerous for a few reasons. The proper form of gradual detox is not possible at home, for one thing. This means that a person will have to begin detox abruptly and therefore shock their body into withdrawals. Additionally, no matter how a person goes through detox, there is no way to know for sure if they will experience the major withdrawal symptoms. At home, this can mean a person can experience a medical emergency far from the skilled care of a physician. Finally, many people who try to detox at home relapse before completing detox which can make future attempts more difficult and dangerous.

How Does Detox Trigger Relapse Without Treatment?

Detox is designed to handle the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. And it is highly effective at doing so when undergone in a medical detox program. But without additional treatment, the person who struggled through and triumphed in detox will likely relapse. This is because they are still mentally addicted the drug. As such, detox is not a solution without additional addiction treatment to address a person's mental addiction through therapy and other treatment techniques.

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