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Drug and alcohol addictions affect many people in the Orlando area. However, many of those people do not seek help from drug or alcohol treatment centers to help them recover from their addiction. Oftentimes, people do not understand the invaluable knowledge and support that drug treatment centers offer. They also may think that they can go it alone and do not need drug treatment centers to help them overcome their addictions. However, the programs available through drug treatment centers in Orlando offer people with drug or alcohol addictions their best chance at addiction recovery. Drug Treatment Centers in Orlando are available to help you find treatment options to overcome addiction. Call (407) 358-6225.

What Is Drug Treatment?

Drug treatment is a set of therapies, strategies and various types of treatment that are grouped together in a structured and sequenced manner to help a person who is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction to overcome that addiction. Drug treatment is designed to break both the physical and mental addictions a person has to the drug or alcohol so as to provide complete and comprehensive treatment for drug addiction.

Who Needs Drug Treatment?

Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol could benefit from drug treatment. If a person feels as if they are dependent on drugs or alcohol for mental or emotional reasons and/or they experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they are unable to consume the drug they abuse, they absolutely need drug treatment centers in Orlando.

What Are The Signs Someone Needs To Seek Drug Treatment?

When a person has a drug or alcohol abuse problem or is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they will show and feel signs that they are changing and that they are developing an addiction to the drug or alcohol. Signs may be physical, mental and social, or health-related. Some of these may be:

Physical Signs

  • Extreme weight loss or rapid weight loss
  • Disheveled or unclean appearance
  • Built-up tolerance

Social and Mental Signs

  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Issues at work or school

Health Signs

  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Extremely high or low heart rate
  • Liver or kidney problems

What Are Some Drug Treatment Options?

When a person seeks out drug treatment, they usually find that they have three basic treatment options. These can include:


Outpatient treatment is a form of drug addiction treatment that allows the recovering addict to remain at home and involved in their daily life. For people with families and children that they cannot just leave to go into rehab for a few weeks, or those who have jobs that they cannot be away from for that long, outpatient treatment is the ideal situation. The recovering addict stays at home and attends treatment a few times a week for several months until treatment is complete. Potential problems with this form of treatment is the possibility of distraction from daily life that may cause them to skip treatments or stop before they are complete. Or even worse temptation may get the best of them and they could relapse.


Inpatient treatment occurs in a hospital or mental health facilities and is short-term in most cases. People who have serious health concerns that could be exacerbated by the detox process such as known liver or kidney problems, heart conditions, or lung or breathing problems may require inpatient treatment to ensure their safety and health are maintained. Additionally, people whose mental state makes them a danger to themselves or others may require inpatient treatment. Normally, this form of treatment is only until a person's condition stabilizes and then they are discharged to go into outpatient or residential treatment.


Residential treatment is typically referred to as rehab. This is a form of drug treatment in which the recovering addict stays in the treatment center for several days to a few weeks to focus entirely on their treatment and recovery. This also prevents the recovering addict from relapsing because they will not have access to the addicted substance during the entire treatment process.

What Does Drug Treatment Offer?

Medical Detox

Medical detox is a way to get the addicted substance out of person's system under the supervision of doctors. These doctors can help to ease the discomfort of withdrawal and can even make the detox process gradual or incremental to make it safer and less uncomfortable.


Therapy addresses the mental aspect of addiction, helping the recovering addict to uncover the original reasons behind their addiction as well as the patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that contributed. In so doing they develop coping strategies to avoid future substance abuse and relapse.

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