Recovery Programs in Orlando, FL

For those recovering from substance abuse, recovery programs in Orlando provide the necessary tools to begin a long-term commitment to sobriety. From individual and group therapy sessions to alternative programs such as equine therapy and meditation, there are a variety of recovery programs available to help a person overcome the dangerous disease of addiction.

Many recovery programs in Orlando are centered on a 12-step approach. The principles behind these recovery programs have been incorporated into hundreds of organizations, designed to help those in recovery from a variety of substance abuse triggers. The 12 steps are guiding principles designed to encourage a person to take responsibility for his or her own actions and learn to live a life free from drug or alcohol abuse. Examples of these principles include:

  • Acknowledging that a person can no longer control his or her own substance abuse.
  • Making reparations for past wrongdoings.
  • Taking care of one's body and mind.
  • Acknowledging that a higher power can help a person regain control of their sobriety (note that not all 12-step programs have a spiritual component).

Different Models of Addiction Treatment Therapy

The different models of addiction treatment therapy serve as guides for people who wish to achieve sobriety. Examples of addiction treatment therapy programs include cognitive/behavioral approaches, motivational interviewing and motivational incentives.

Cognitive-behavioral approaches are a two-step combination designed to help a person first recognize his or her incorrect lines of thinking that could lead to further drug abuse. The behavioral aspect of the treatment focuses on healthier behaviors that could help a person maintain his or her sobriety and resist the temptations and cravings associated with abusing drugs or alcohol.

Motivational interviewing or MI is an approach that serves as an alternative to traditional talk or psychotherapy. Instead, this approach is designed to help a person find his or her own personal motivations associated with sobriety. Therapists may ask a person to consider how his or her life could be better if not abusing drugs or alcohol. This method allows people to come to their own realizations about quitting for good.

Motivational incentives are often used in residential treatment facilities as a means to encourage a person who is progressing in his or her sobriety. Examples of rewards could be a phone call home for a day's participation in therapy sessions or a food reward in celebration of one week of sobriety.

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy

One or more of these models are then incorporated into substance abuse treatment therapy. For example, the SMART recovery program, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, utilizes motivational interviewing as part of its therapeutic approach. The program has four principles: Building motivation, coping with urges, problem-solving and lifestyle balance.

Cognitive-behavioral models are used in the 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These programs focus on changing a person's mode of thinking. Also, art and music therapy can teach a person a coping behavior used to relieve stress and anxiety instead of using drugs and alcohol.

Principles of Effective Treatment

Selecting a residential treatment facility that can help a person become sober for a lifetime can feel like an overwhelming challenge. A person is putting his or her life and future in the hands of this program. Examples of principles of effective treatment start with a promising thought: that addiction can be a complex disease, but this does not mean that it cannot be treated and overcome.

Treatment programs must incorporate several different approaches and have these readily available for a person to be able to access. In addition to these treatment approaches, medication administration is also important to helping a person overcome his or her addictions. Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando can help you find a variety of programs that not only help patients achieve sobriety but regain the strength to maintain it for a lifetime. Call now to learn about treatment options that will help you give yourself the gift of freedom from drug abuse. (407) 358-6225.

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