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This sometimes popularized drug has been a problem for people for many years. There are accounts of just over 600,000 cocaine abuse incidents in 2013. With an average of around 1,600 times a day, cocaine abuse is a continued threat in America and its War on Drugs. That is why Orlando cocaine abuse rehab centers are dedicated to helping individuals in the throes of cocaine beat the abusive habit.

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What is Cocaine?

The illicit drug called cocaine is a highly addictive substance that acts on the brain and cocaine abuse usually requires an effective treatment program to stop the abuse. Coca leaves, what cocaine is made from, has been used as a form of herbal treatment for thousands. Once the purified chemical version of the substance was created over a hundred years ago, the abuse of cocaine began.

Signs and Symptoms of Abuse

Some people may not see that they have a problem with abuse of cocaine, often thinking that they have it under control. The signs and symptoms that cocaine is being abused can help a person to see the truth about their habit and the addiction that is likely leading to.

The signs and symptoms include:

Behavioral signs - Signs include the drug being taken over long periods of time and in high amounts, marital problems, neglect of responsibilities, cravings develop, decreased appetite and a building tolerance.

Psychological signs - A person may be more irritable, crave for the drug in order to relieve stress, paranoia, suffer from bouts of depression and be restless when the drug is not taken.

Physical signs - A hoarse throat can be a sign of abuse as well as sleeping less, chronically runny nose, nosebleeds and a decreased sense of smell if the drug is snorted.


Most of the treatment approaches to cocaine abuse or addiction will begin with a detox program aimed to help a person through the process of detox. There are no medications that are proven to help with cocaine addiction but some drugs show promise.

The best options to treat the abuse are through the use of behavioral management therapies. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational incentives have been shown to work well for patients suffering from cocaine addiction and abuse.

Post-treatment support is as important as the treatment itself. Relapse rates of 60% in recovering addicts shows how important effective relapse prevention programs are post-treatment.

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