Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando launches Painkiller Addiction and Prescription Drug Addiction Outreach Program

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando launches Painkiller Addiction and Prescription Drug Addiction Outreach Program in Orlando, Florida.

If you or a loved one is struggling with prescription painkiller addiction, Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando can help you become aware of the recovery programs that are available to help you overcome addiction.

Orlando Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers provide evidence-based medical programs for individuals living with prescription drug addiction. Drug treatment centers and drug rehabs are experienced in working with the common result of over-prescribed painkillers and other prescription drugs. Individuals are given a prescription for an injury or to deal with chronic pain and within a little time, they find themselves overpowered by a life-changing addiction. The number of cases relating to prescription drug abuse or an opioid dependency is shockingly high—close to three million people in the United States have an opioid dependence of some kind.

In most recent years, opioid abuse and addiction has been on the rise in the State of Florida. From Fort Myers Florida Weekly:

"In 2011, the year Gov. Rick Scott shut down the pain centers commonly known as 'pill mills,' heroin was the cause or a component in only 62 deaths across the state. By 2014, that number jumped to 156, with Orlando, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers topping out with the highest numbers of heroin overdoses. In fact, according to a 2013 annual report the Medical Examiners Commission submitted to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, deaths from the most commonly prescribed opiates seem to be stabilizing at pre-pill-mill era numbers (around 1,500 annually), while heroin deaths rise."

Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando wants to help affected individuals learn about the treatments that are available for prescription drug addiction. One of the ways to alleviate pain and discomfort during withdrawal is through medical detox. Medical maintenance has proved to be an effective tool in managing the symptoms of opiate addiction. Methadone maintenance has been regularly practiced in a variety of centers across the United States since the 1960's. Unfortunately, due to its side effects and half-life, methadone was as difficult to put aside as the drugs it was treating. In the last decade, several drugs for medical maintenance have been manufactured and approved that do not have the negative side effects that methadone did. For example, Suboxone can be used to successfully withdraw from opiates, and is also used in conjunction with behavioral therapies and relapse prevention tools throughout treatment programs. The opioid medication works to lessen cravings and subdue the harsh symptoms associated with the detachment of opioid abuse. It is important that addicts who are considering the use of Suboxone for treatment, first understand the risks and dangers involved. The medication is potentially addictive if not carefully monitored and administered correctly.

Painkiller addicts in Orlando, Florida have multiple, effective drug treatment options available to them in order to treat their prescription drug addiction.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Orlando hopes to create a higher level of awareness in the community about new treatment modules offered for painkiller addiction so that those suffering from dependency will reach out and ask for help. Past failures involving relapse due to drug dependency, often makes an addict less confident and more hesitant to submit to a drug treatment plan. The centers want to change addicts' perceptions of opioid abuse and addiction, by informing them that getting clean and staying clean is achievable.

From National Institute on Drug Abuse:

"Prescription drug abuse is not a new problem, but one that deserves renewed attention. It is imperative that as a Nation we make ourselves aware of the consequences associated with abuse of these medications."

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